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Babs Pony
 enter_oracle - (ciaan)
10:14am 01/03/2013
shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Art of Barbara Gordon as an MLP pony.
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Fic: The Ghost in the Shell (DCU/Tron Legacy, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, R)
 enter_oracle - (modestroad)
01:39am 03/01/2011
modestroad posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: The Ghost in the Shell
Characters: Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon
Rating: R for language.
Word count: 1.180
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine.
A/N: A big thanks to reginalibintia. You are the best! *huge hug*
Warnings: Jason's dirty mouth. Spoilers for Tron Legacy...sorta. Title from the manga/anime Ghost in the Shell. (Bruce wanted her to be his ghost in the shell, didn't he?)
Summary: Jason was the best Arena fighter and then he met the Ghost.

Jason has a lot of free time now that he’s in prison.
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Grey Plastic Mistletoe
 enter_oracle - (kerrykhat)
05:52pm 19/12/2010
little miss random posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: Grey Plastic Mistletoe
Author: kerrykhat
Rating: PG
Crossover: DCU/Stargate: SG1
Characters: Barbara Gordon, Daniel Jackson
Summary: Barbara really shouldn't have been surprised that even the mistletoe was some shade of grey in the SGC, and yet she still was.
Disclaimer: Warner Bros owns "DC Comics" and related characters; MGM owns "Stargate" and related characters; I own nothing.
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Fic: Alcoholic (BoP, DCU, PG)
 enter_oracle - (modestroad)
11:09am 20/11/2010
modestroad posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: Alcoholic
Characters: Zinda, Dinah, Helena, Babs
Rating: PG
Word count: 578
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine.
A/N: for comment_fic prompt: Any, Any +/ Any, S/he doesn't drink because his/her father/mother did. Title is a song from Starsailor
Warnings: No beta! All mistakes are mine and mine only.
Summary: Skipper has a reason why she doesn't drink.

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Fic: An unexpected visit. DCU, PG. (Green Arrow, Oracle, Ollie/Dinah)
 enter_oracle - (modestroad)
11:44am 20/10/2010
modestroad posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: An unexpected visit
Characters: Green Arrow, Oracle, mention of Ollie/Dinah (and maybe Dinah/Babs if you squeeze)
Rating: PG
Word count: 1056
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine.
A/N: A huge thanks to reginalibintia for her beta work. You are the best!
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Green Arrow and Oracle have a talk.

He’s used to being a Robin Hood without a forest.
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(no subject)
 enter_oracle - (reginalibintia)
07:46pm 28/08/2010
Ariel posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
I've haven't felt all that well today, and that has translated into making bunches of icons and organizing my files on my computer.

This is the first batch of icons I have ever made, so feedback is awesome.

Feel free to take, just please comment/credit reginalibintia, and remember no hotlinking.

What we have here
18 Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle
23 Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing/Batman
9 Bruce Wayne/Batman
18 Selina Kyle/Catwoman
15 Miscellaneous Groups and Couples (Babs/Dick, Babs/Bruce, Bruce/Selina, Others)

( 83 Icons Under the Cut )
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Fic: The Good Student
 enter_oracle - (modestroad)
11:33pm 08/08/2010
modestroad posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: The good student.
Claim: Barbara Gordon
Characters/Pairing: Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 533
Prompt: #37. Duty for dcu_freeforall
Summary: Tim needs to learn a couple of things and it's Barbara's duty to teach him.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Thanks favouriteyear for her beta work. This takes place after the events of Red Robin #15. So...um, spoilers! Oh, hey! I just finished my prompts! *is proud*

The Good Student
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Fic: Code Vermilion
 enter_oracle - (kerrykhat)
02:49pm 07/06/2010
little miss random posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: Code Vermilion
Author/Artist: kerrykhat
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Warner Bros owns DC Comics, Disney owns Marvel, I own my JLU DVDs.
Summary: Barbara calls in a heavy hitter to get her team out of a code vermilion situation - whatever that may mean.
Notes: Written for 7_crossovers for the claim Barbara Gordon

Here @ khatskorner
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(no subject)
 enter_oracle - (reginalibintia)
02:14am 06/06/2010
Ariel posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: Leave the Past Ch. 3
Fandom: DCU (AU?)
Characters: Jason Todd/Barbara Gordon, Dinah Laurel Lance
Prompt: N/A
Word Count: 2834 words
Rating:R (language and violence)
Summary:Babs is learning very quickly what it is like to burn bridges, even if she never intended to light a flame.
Author's Notes: There is a character, which after you read, might seem a tad OOC, but I am taking this as acting on extreme stress and already be over-emotional. Also, I intend this to fit into a story in which Lian Harper does not die. Lost in the destruction of the city, Roy eventually finds his daughter and effectively disappears. Ollie, still thinking his family was killed, does take down Prometheus, etc. All of which I intend to expand on in a separate story with Di/Ollie. Also, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

( Leave the Past Ch. 3 )
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Secrets Away, DCU fanfic (Dick/Babs, R)
 enter_oracle - (modestroad)
05:28pm 15/05/2010
modestroad posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: Secrets Away
Author: modestroad
Fandom: DCU
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Dinah Lance, Jim Gordon
Rating: R/Mature
Warning(s): Miron drug use. Language. Angst. Adult theme.
Summary: Is a secret strong enough to break them apart or bond them forever? Dick is going to find out that sometimes you have to break something just to fix it.
Notes: I couldn't do it without my fantastic four, alexiel_neesan, ladyithildiel, reginalibintia and megganblack. I can't thank you enough, ladies. The story take place after The Return of Bruce Wayne.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
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