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(no subject)
 enter_oracle - (reginalibintia)
02:14am 06/06/2010
Ariel posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: Leave the Past Ch. 3
Fandom: DCU (AU?)
Characters: Jason Todd/Barbara Gordon, Dinah Laurel Lance
Prompt: N/A
Word Count: 2834 words
Rating:R (language and violence)
Summary:Babs is learning very quickly what it is like to burn bridges, even if she never intended to light a flame.
Author's Notes: There is a character, which after you read, might seem a tad OOC, but I am taking this as acting on extreme stress and already be over-emotional. Also, I intend this to fit into a story in which Lian Harper does not die. Lost in the destruction of the city, Roy eventually finds his daughter and effectively disappears. Ollie, still thinking his family was killed, does take down Prometheus, etc. All of which I intend to expand on in a separate story with Di/Ollie. Also, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

( Leave the Past Ch. 3 )
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