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Fic: The Ghost in the Shell (DCU/Tron Legacy, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, R)
 enter_oracle - (modestroad)
01:39am 03/01/2011
modestroad posting in The Barbara Gordon Comm
Title: The Ghost in the Shell
Characters: Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon
Rating: R for language.
Word count: 1.180
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine.
A/N: A big thanks to reginalibintia. You are the best! *huge hug*
Warnings: Jason's dirty mouth. Spoilers for Tron Legacy...sorta. Title from the manga/anime Ghost in the Shell. (Bruce wanted her to be his ghost in the shell, didn't he?)
Summary: Jason was the best Arena fighter and then he met the Ghost.

Jason has a lot of free time now that he’s in prison.
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